Affiliated to ICSE, New Delhi
School Code: KA404


(MA, B.Ed, Ph.D, CICTT)

What fills me with pride is the fact that EuroSchool follows the tradition of shaping young learners of today into global citizens with a heart for tomorrow. Our aim is to provide holistic education to our students. The practice of experimental learning and emotional well-being builds a firm foundation and prepares our students for the challenges of life. We have been providing an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that prepares our students for taking on the challenges and succeed in career and life.

EuroSchool is recognised for its dedication to academic rigour and rich activity programmes in athletics, sporting, Karate, performing arts, music, dance, clubs activities and recreational activities.

We have taken up a completely new turn in blooming up the educational system by striving for excellence in every possible field and achieving it in a magnificent way. We adopt innovative methodologies i.e. Learn, Explore and Discover Yourself which foster understanding and help students to reason out and develop critical thinking and scientific temperament.

Our vision is to impart education and values through a voyage of self-discovery and learning. We not only strive to provide the highest quality of education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment and thereby enabling our students to develop into progressive thinkers and skill bearers, equipped to meet the challenges of a dynamically changing world but also seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child.

We believe that it is only through the exchange of ideas that students develop their personal and social values. We help students to take up ownership of the choices they make and assist them in achieving their personal goals. Extensive facilities are also provided for nurturing and honing their creative skills. Committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend together harmoniously to create a child-centred school and through collaborative efforts, we achieve more to benefit our students who are the future leaders of tomorrow. The school is a centre of world-class education, where every student matters.

I am really proud to be the head of such an exciting and dynamic school and to work with the well-organized and ever-evolving Pandithya Education Trust.

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There are many Academic and Beyond Academic Activities happening in the school.